About our company

Redefining protection services and exceeding expectations

Grey Protection Solutions was founded on the idea of a higher level of expertise, skillsets, and proficiency in the protection arena.

We are a protection firm made up of a group of professionals from many different backgrounds including military, law enforcement, special operations, and experienced protection professionals. We give you elite level agents, in skillset and professionalism, to flex to any need that you or your organization has.

We are dedicated to always being an asset to any individual or group we work with. Our goal, is to take security and safety off your shoulders, therefore, making you more effective and efficient.

Solutions we provide:

• Executive/Artist Protection
• Talent Security Liaison
• Corporate Security
• Hostile Terminations
• Event Security
• School Security
• Security Consulting
• Custom Tailored Security Plans
• Personal Protection Details
• Uniformed and Low-Profile Armed Guards

By setting superior standards with our agents, our vision is to redefine protection service and exceed expectations.

With certifications and training in fields including but not limited to:
• Firearm Proficiency
• Unarmed Combatives
• CPR/AED/First Aid
• Trauma Medical Treatment
• De-Escalation
• Protection Procedures
• Defensive Tactics
• Professionalism, Discretion, and Customer Service
• Active Shooter Response
• Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance


We layer risk mitigation on the front end, with proactive strategies and tactics to prepare for and minimize any problems or inevitabilities. Lastly, we train how to respond to threats or any problem that does arise to achieve the best level of protection possible. We firmly believe that security is not a one size fits all approach, but should be customized to meet the unique challenges of each client. GPS is here to change the way you look at protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Predictable budget control
    1. Contract Security has fixed fees or hourly rates, but no overhead for the actual personnel. In-house security comes with expenses in on-going payroll, benefits, retirement, training, equipment, insurance and licensing. 
  2. Specialized expertise
    1. Our agents are experts with diverse backgrounds and experiences. They stay up to date with the latest security trends and technology, ensuring your security remains on the cutting edge of development. You can tap into our broad range of skills and knowledge without the burden of hiring and training multiple in-house personnel. 
  3. Flexible
    1. We can adjust based on your needs, allowing security resources to scale up or down as required for specific events or evolving threats. 
  4. Reduces Administrative Burden
    1. Our agents are employed and work under our Tennessee Contract Security Firm license and insurance. This means your organization does not have to manage the HR tasks such as licensing (state regulated), insurance (state regulated), hiring, payroll, training, and performance reviews. We ensure our licensing, and the licensing of our agents is up to date. We audit all licenses every month to see which agents need to renew. Ensuring you are always in compliance with state law. 
  5. Focus on your company
    1. By outsourcing your security manager, you and your organization can focus on your core competencies, which will lead to improved efficiency.
    2. In-house security can sometimes divert your organizations attention from its primary mission, especially in times of crisis or uncertainty.
  6. Access to resources
    1. Our agents have their own equipment, sparing your organization the expense of purchasing and maintaining these assets. 
    2. Our firm can provide replacements in our staffing to ensure continuous protection even in situations where an in-house security agent might be unavailable. 
  7. Compliance and Accountability
    1. Grey Protection Solutions has established processes and standards for compliance, reducing the risk of regulatory issues. 
  8. Confidentiality and Neutrality
    1. Our agents, and company as a whole, tend to be seen as more impartial and are not influenced by internal politics and conflicts. We provide a fresh perspective and avoid potential biases present in in-house personnel. 
    2. Your corporate security manager will sign an NDA to not disclose any information, drama, situations or tactics and procedures of your company with anyone outside of his chain of command in the firm, and the company themselves. 
The days of stretch limos and mean looking men in suits are over. 
Our primary goal is to protect our client to the best of our ability. With that said, we do everything we can to do so without drawing unwanted or unneeded attention and limiting the inconvenience that comes with a protection detail as much as possible. Our clients have preferences and lives to maneuver through. Therefore, before we commence with our security plan, we meet with the client to learn what their life looks like and what those preferences are. We then balance that with the amount of protection needed to limit the inconvenience. 
Depending on the threat level of the client, a protection detail could be one low profile agent that loosely follows the client around, a team of low profile agents, or a team of more involved agents that are tighter to the client. Regardless of the situation, they are still free to move and go where they would like. The team will flex to what the client needs and where they are going. 
We do everything we can to not be overbearing by adapting to you while not compromising your safety or security. You can still go where you need to go and do what you need to do, we will accommodate to protect you while you still live your life. 

Experts in Executive protection solutions for Nashville and surrounding areas.

Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge to identify risks to your business or employees.  For complex security concerns we offer vulnerability assessment services. We take immense pride in the security service that we provide and have a philosophy of going above and beyond for our clients.


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