Corporate Security

Redefine corporate protection services and exceed expectations

In today's ever-evolving business landscape, ensuring the safety and security of your corporate assets, employees, and facilities is of paramount importance.

At Grey Protection Solutions, we offer contract corporate security management services designed to provide comprehensive protection and peace of mind to businesses of all sizes. Our experienced team is dedicated to safeguarding your organization's interests while you focus on achieving your strategic goals.

We understand that each corporate entity has unique security needs and concerns. Our contract corporate security manager program is built upon the principles of flexibility, responsiveness, and expertise. We tailor our security solutions to align seamlessly with your organization's culture and requirements.

When choosing Grey Protection Solutions for your corporate security manager, we will do a risk assessment as to your vulnerabilities, threats, and past events. This will form the foundation for our customized security strategy. We will then form and implement a security plan. This will include a full-time corporate security manager who is responsible for all safety and security related items. We will create systems and protocols for: as access control, emergency response, active shooter response, threats, hostile terminations, disgruntled former employees, disgruntled customers, and crime. We will provide systems recommendations for CCTV, alarms, key fobs and access control. You will also have access to executive protection services for your company executives and event security and logistics for work events, when needed.

We also offer case by case services for hostile terminations. If you are going to have or suspect you are going to have a hostile termination or disgruntled employee, we provide security and protection services during the termination as well as for a time after, if needed.

Wondering why to choose a contract corporate security manager instead of an in-house security manager?

See our FAQ page for a detailed list of benefits.

Corporate security services for Nashville & surrounding areas

Take advantage of our expertise and knowledge to identify risks to your business or employees.  For complex security concerns we offer vulnerability assessment services. We take immense pride in the services that we provide and have a philosophy of going above and beyond for our clients.


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