Talent Security Liason

We function as security interpreters, intermediaries, and problem solvers.

Talent Security Liaison is a solution that is specific to Grey Protection Solutions

With our extensive experience, spanning various events, as well as, personal protection for artists and celebrities, we have identified a recurring gap in security and professionalism. This can cause a significant problem for artists and their teams during events. This is where our Talent Security Liaison team comes in. We function as security interpreters, intermediaries, and problem solvers. By understanding the unique requirements of artists and their teams and understanding the intricacies of event production, we collaborate with venue security to harness their venue-specific knowledge, and combine it with our expertise in personal protection, to effectively manage the artist's requirements and security expectations.

When an event featuring an artist takes place, numerous intricate components come into play to bring it all together. One critical aspect that, if mishandled, can result in catastrophic consequences is security. Typically, the venue employs its own security team, each with their specific duties, while the artist may or may not have a personal security team in place. Venue security is primarily responsible for safeguarding the venue, its assets, attendees, and venue personnel, whereas the artist's security team focuses solely on protecting the artist. This creates a gap that requires bridging for the artist's team to access crucial information and ensure seamless event production.

Frequently, a disparity in expectations, communication, duties, and professionalism arises between these two parties. Venue security personnel often lack significant experience in providing personal protection for artists, even though they are expected to support or fulfill that role. Conversely, the artist or their security team may not align with the goals and responsibilities of the venue team, but still require their assistance. This disconnect can result in chaos and a lack of professionalism, tarnishing the image of all involved parties, including the venue, the promotion company, and the artist's team.

We conduct thorough site assessments that involves coordinating with venue security team, meticulously reviewing the event plan, inspecting the designated routes and locations for the artist, and refining them, if necessary, to ensure maximum protection and minimize any unexpected issues on the day of the event.

In many cases, the artist's team performs an initial walkthrough of the venue. However, this typically occurs before the full production setup, and they are expected to commit all details to memory. Alternatively, they may not have the time or resources to do it at all. These challenges are effectively addressed by our Talent Security Liaison team.

After the initial walkthrough prior to production setup, we conduct a second walkthrough once the production is in place. During this phase, we rehearse all the routes and proactively resolve any unforeseen issues before the artist's arrival. On the event day, we arrive early to connect with any individuals we haven't met yet, confirm that nothing has changed, and verify that everything is prepared for the artist's arrival.

Upon the artist's arrival, we work closely with their security team, addressing any questions or requirements they may have. We then provide assistance with the artist's movements and requirements throughout their presence until departure.

This significantly alleviates the workload and responsibilities of the artist's security team. They can rely on us to address any issues or inquiries that arise, ensuring a seamless and efficient process. Our aim is to enhance their image and maintain overall satisfaction, ultimately simplifying their roles. We strive to elevate the performance of everyone involved by filling security gaps that might otherwise go unaddressed. See our FAQ page for an example of what Talent Security Liaison looks like in action.

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